posting to You know you are from Salem

To the snowflake who reported me: Bite my shiny metal ass!


Just a reminder about the only things allowed to be posted here:

-bitching about city politicians and city services can only be posted by people who live in florida or arizona

-bitching about the quality of salem schools and the quality of education. You must live in florida or arizona, have no kids and have never actually read any city policies related to the school dept to post about this.

-complaining about public art as long as you dont actually go look at it yourself or have any specific opinions about art in general. ‘i dont know what i dont like about art, but i know i dont like it when i see it’

-broad negative generalizations about religious, ethnic or people in economic situations that are worse than your own. Posts in this category about the french and italians are not allowed.

-complaints about how immigrants dont want to give up their customs and assimilate. Posts in this category about the french, greeks and italians are also not allowed, they have good food at their ethnic pride festivals (yum!)

-complaints about crumbling salem infrastructure that the city is ignoring (this requires a followup post complaining about the horrible traffic caused when repairs on said infrastructure are going on)

-lengthy opinions about how downtown has no good retail stores to buy stuff you actually use and how you miss the clothing and home goods shops, you must include details about now its just tourist junk shops. Post on this subject must be entered from your phone while you are in line at Walmart or while you are home waiting for your amazon prime order to arrive. You may also mention that you miss having Jerrys but they charged too much for socks and jeans so you bought them at ann and hope instead.

-posts about how the city govt doesnt know how to run the city and you have the better ideas. To post this you must prove you have never been to any city meeting for any reason at any time because you have more important things to do.

-complaints about how the city is going to hell because of immigrants that dont learn english within 6 weeks of moving to salem. French speakers are excluded, you will be removed from the group if you even think about bashing the french. Unless its about those cheese eating surrender monkeys in france who are too wimpy to follow us into a war the entire world is against.

What am I forgetting? I’m sure theres one or two other topics